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Stomach Cancer Symptoms : Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

– The symptoms of early stomach cancer tends to show no symptoms stomach cancer symptoms, but as the cancer begins to grow noticeable symptoms begin to appear. It can be:

1. A general feeling of discomfort or pain in the stomach area symptom checker.

Two . A feeling of fullness or bloating, even after a small meal symptom checker.

Three . Difficulty swallowing (food and drinks).

April . The nausea and vomiting .

May . Vomiting blood or symptom checker blood in the stool.

June . It has established a significant weight loss without diet or exercise stomach cancer symptoms .

symptom checker Very often , these symptoms can be attributed to other health problems such as infection or a complaint of a sore that does not have anything to do with cancer stomach cancer symptoms. However, if any of these symptoms persist over time symptom checker , we recommend a quick trip to the doctors.

Diagnosis – At this point , if the doctor suspects stomach cancer , you can refer the patient to a gastroenterologist (a specialist in digestive problems ) to first ask the patient to both personal and health history of the family. This will normally be followed by a physical examination that may include feeling in the abdomen for fluid , swelling , checking lymph nodes or abnormalities that may occur in the region swollen stomach cancer symptoms.

Once filled , blood tests or other laboratory tests may be ordered , followed by an endoscopy that uses a thin, lighted tube ( endoscope) that is inserted through the mouth , esophagus and stomach area . This is usually done after the patient’s sleep throat doctor with a numbing spray stomach cancer symptoms. The endoscope is an instrument attached to it that is able to collect tissue samples from the stomach , and then be sent to a pathologist for examination under a microscope stomach cancer symptoms.

Practice – If cancer is found in the stomach stomach cancer symptoms, the patient may undergo a chest x-ray to see if the cancer has spread to the lungs . This may be followed by a scanner which is capable of vital organs such as the detailed images of the liver or pancreas. Usually, when you take a scanner to be injected with a dye that will help you show abnormal areas easier stomach cancer symptoms.

Endoscopic ultrasound can also  stomach ulcer symptoms be controlled using an endoscope symptom checker .stomach cancer symptoms The endoscope send sound waves that bounce off tissues of the stomach and other organs. These sound waves are converted into detailed echoes that cause the images on a computer. The detail of the images as the stomach has been invaded by the tumor stomach cancer symptoms.

There is also the possibility of a laparoscopy , where a surgeon makes a small incision in the abdomen and inserts a laparoscopy (a small lighted tube ) to take tissue samples or remove lymph nodes . Using these methods , it will give a correct staging of cancer for the proper treatment plan can offer stomach cancer symptoms.

Treatment – stomach ulcer symptoms this depends on the tumor size stomach cancer symptoms, location and staging the patient. Other factors taken into account before treatment offered can include : gender , age , general health , etc. Chemotherapy and radiation are usually offered as a treatment for stomach cancer. However, depending on certain factors ,symptom checker partial mastectomy surgery for tumors in the lower stomach , or total mastectomy surgery stomach ulcer symptoms for tumors in the upper stomach can be offered as a last resort stomach cancer symptoms.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms : Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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